Moger Lunch – Friday (6/10)

OK, Anyone up for lunch with a moger this Friday? Figure this time we can do something a bit quicker than IHOP. I hoof only 60 minutes for lunch. Everyfur is welcome!

It’s too new to get an accurate map. The Pot Belly Deli is next to Rubios by It’s A Grind (free WiFi).

Also see thread for “unofficial” Thursday Moger Lunch!

Six Flags Marine World

The group’s going to Six Flags Marine World!

Tickets are $22 each prepaid.* Parking is $10 per car… pay to Six Flags upon arrival. Park is open 10am-9pm. You can pay me for the tickets via ca$h or via PayPal*:

Please buy them ASAP so I can get an accurate count and not be stuck with tickets. While there are no refunds, these tickets are good any 2005 operating day for SFMWSF.

If you are definately going, reply to the forum thread. Also, post if you need a ride or can offer a ride (and how many seats… yeah, 1 fur per seatbelt please!)

* Yeah, it is 1 cent over the price, but I’ll pick up the rest of the tab for shipping and paypal fees. I can accept PayPal Direct, eCheck, Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover.