Pacific Crest Trail Hike (7/24)

Pacific Crest Trail Hike (7/24)

Date: Sunday, June 24

Meetup Time: 12:30

Meetup Location: Near Boreal

Picture reference.

Heading East on I80 take the Boreal Ridge Exit (Exit 176), turn right and turn left onto Bunny Hill Dr, drive all the way down till you reach a parking lot. The Trail Head is east of the parking lot.


From Stev0 on the forums:

“Okay so a few of us have been talking about a hike and we decided on July 24th Sometime After noon this will be a Sunday.

Location: the Mighty PCT!!!

We will be doing Hike One northern segment. I believe it will be the hike I recomend for all the members attending.

Read this: … 47aaef3b7a

How to get there?

“The most northern is reached by getting off I80 at the Boreal exit and taking the south frontage road to the end, where it enters a parking lot. The trail head is at the east end of the lot.””

Further planning and info on the forums