Trip to Apple Hill – November 7th 2009

WHAT: Traveling up to Apple Hill and exploring the attractions there. Some of us will also be obtaining pies, ciders, and other items there. (more info to come soon)

WHEN: Meet in Folsom at 11:30am Saturday November 7th 2009.

WHERE: Meet in the parking lot of the Broadstone plaza Shopping center in Folsom near the Gamestop around 11:30am and then carpool up to Apple Hill between Placerville and Camino. If anyone wants or needs to take RT lightrail into Folsom please contact me and I can arrange to meet you at the Hazel Avenue station.

Farm visitation list as it currently stands:

  1. Boa Vista (Farmer’s market and crafts)
  2. High Hill Ranch (lots of crafts and attractions to see, a bit crowded though)
  3. Honey Bear Ranch (they have had great fudge in the past and they have a restaurant we could have a late lunch at however the next location might also have some food choices I can’t recall..)
  4. Rainbow Orchards (Great selection of apple products, Friendly people, and a bit less crowded since it’s further away from the highway.)
  5. Jack Russell Farm Brewery (According to the Apple Hill events calender they’re having a Guy Fawkes Celebration on the 7th here, it might be worth checking out)
  6. Kid’s Inc (walking pies and apple cider)