Runawayf1ve’s B-Day and introducing Lisa the Lop! – 12-22-06

Who – Furs
What – Party/Meet
When – 5pm
Why – Runawaf1ve’s getting older, and Lisa the Lop hasn’t met the furs…

Okay, so Kat and I are offering the place, but we have little to no food, so bring some snacks (or money for a food run, Albertson’s is right around the corner). We also don’t have much in the way of entertainment (unless someone wants to play Star Trek Monopoly….yeah, didn’t think so…). Of course we’ll have the cards and poker chips, but (hopefully) Mallin will bring his Wii (so many comments can be made with that) and Apples-to-Apples.

So bring your games, bring some food, bring yourselves. Should be an entertaining time.