12/9 Tea Social

What: Tea, socializing, and Cabby’s farewell. :*-(
When: Saturday the 9th @ Noon onwards!
Where: Leam’s place, #4610. My contact info can be found in the address book.
Parking: not in the driveway; the lawn is fine or if you keep driving down Palomino until it curves around and becomes Orange Grove, there some blank areas on the right. Or call for suggestions.
Thread: here.
Helpers can bring: sugar, tea sets to show off, apropos CDs. An infuser I can borrow for the event for my liter pot. :*-(

  • Bring tea to share (loose preferred) and a cup. This is a social meet, so be prepared to socialize!
  • The meet is at my house, so don’t be irritating because I have far less tact than Mallin.
  • No video games, no internet, no television, no music unbefitting tea, and no coffee.
  • NO FURRIES — I have a roomate who may be present in the other room, so behave.
  • Smoking outside is okay.
  • The hobo wire will be disabled, but don’t touch it just in case.