Pizza and Play (11-12-05)

When: Saturday 6pm (11-12-05)

Where: Round Table
Meet at Round Table at 6pm for pizza consumption.
THEN Savannah Apartments APT #1111 Approx Here
Afterwards, for games, movies, visiting, etc.

Here are directions for getting directly to the apartment coming from the east and west. They do differ, so pay attention! Print if needed.

Coming from the west, on 80 and 50:

1. Exit at Harbor Boulevard. Turn left onto Harbor.

2. Turn left at Industrial Boulevard, about three blocks down (you can’t go any farther, anyway).

3. Go down a ways, past the port, over a bridge, and take the first right after that bridge. This is Southport Parkway.

4. Drive forever, through the Industrial Park, past Pacific/Ramco/Carlin/Promenade.

5. Just past Promenade there is an apartment complex to the left. Turn in and go to the left. Our building is #3411, apartment #1111. Park anywhere you want.

Coming from all points east on 50:

1. Exit at Jefferson Boulevard. Turn left onto Jefferson.

2. Go down about three miles until you get to Lake Washington Boulevard. Turn right, and then turn left at the first light. This is Southport Parkway.

3. Follow steps 4 and 5 above.