Saturday Halloween Stuff (10-29-05)

Trick-or-Treat ————————————————

When: Sat 12am (10-29-05)

Where: the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse on Front and L Street

Trick-or-treat with select merchants in Old Sacramento. Trick-or-treating begins at noon and ends at 4p.m.
Gather bags of free trick or treat candy and give it back to kids throughout Old Sac/Downtown Plaza.

Aquagrlr’s Halloween Gamer Party ———————-

When: Sat after 7pm (10-29-05)

Where: Map

You can arrive any time after 7pm
• Wear a costume if you want, but please don’t rub on anyone you do not know because they might not like it.
• X-Box tournaments for those of you who are into that. Mostly Halo since that’s like what everybody has.
• Traditional Chocolate Cupcakes and pancakes in the morning (if anyone stays that long again)
• Other food and refreshments
• Everyone is welcome
I have decided to provide actual food this time, so that no one has to bring anything (because they would forget anyways), I don’t want to charge an entrance fee but I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could make a donation to the future food fund once they arrive. I’m not the only student here so I’m sure you understand.