State Fair Meet – 8 – 27 -05

When: 10am – 10pm Saturday
What: State Fair – Rides, Exhibits, Booths, Food, Animals and Fun.
Where: Fair Grounds

Admission $10
Unlimited Midway Ride Wristband $30
Midway Attraction Tickets (single tickets) $.75 (sheet of 14) $10 (sheet of 32) $20 —– (Rides take more than 1 ticket)
Food = Costly (bring your own or make sure you enjoy it, if you buy anything… mmm deep fried Oreos)

NOTE: To meet up make sure you have my phone number or the phone number of someone you know will be there. (although I will probably post a meet up time for everyone to meet in one place)

AFTERMEET: Sniffles/Kodi/Yote/Tym’s (AKA “The Southport Zoo”) there is the map and they live in the Savanah Apartments in apartment 1111