Whole Earth Festival 5-6-05


Coming from Sacramento or San Francisco, take I-80 and get off at the Downtown Davis exit. Go under the railroad tracks and continue along First Street until it stops. You are now one block east of the Festival. Find parking and walk on in.

Coming from the north along 113, get off at the Russell Blvd. exit. Go east along Russell Blvd. until you pass the football stadium. Turn right at the next light (B St.) and continue until the street ends. Turn right (onto First Street). You are now in the same place as the folks from the last paragraph.


The Festival starts at noon on Friday, which is a normal day at the University.

Parking is difficult during University operating hours. If you do find parking on Friday, read the signs very carefully. The permitting can be confusing and TAPS (Parking Services) is not known to be reasonable. If you haven’t paid the Visitor Parking fee (for VP spaces only), you will get ticketed. Many Downtown Davis parking spaces have 1.5 hr limits (Mon. – Sat.).

On Saturday and Sunday, Parking Services will provide Special Event Parking. The charge for this is unknown at this time, but be prepared to pay up to $20 for parking in the University lots. The Festival is a free event.