Site 92% Moved!

As you’ve probably all guessed, I’ve made significant changes to the website, recently. We’re on an open-source site management tool that has a lot of nice features. I’ve pretty much duplicated all the features of the old software, so we should be considered “live” at this point. Nifty, new features include:

  • Better comment management that requires registration, and hooks for spam control.
  • Free-as-in-beer licensing.
  • Nicer look.
  • User-submittable content for the front page (register with the Blog link above, and then submit a draft).
  • Easier template system for the staff to use. Even Mallin can do it. The links and pages are now more auto-generated, and easier to modify.
  • Plugins are way-easier to write.

After I get things settled on my end, I’m going to try and link all the sotware together. Huzzah!