Kings Skate – Thursday

WHERE: “Kings Skate”: on Bradshaw road near Folsom blvd
WHEN: Thursday, 6 – 8:30

The entrance is $6, and covers skate rentals. There is a snack bar and an arcade, so you might want to bring a couple extra male deer*. I just called and found out that everyone has to pay the $6 to get in, unless they are a parent (because they don’t want kids coming in a playing the video games and not skating o.O ) Anyone that doesn’t want to skate give me a call at 8:30 at (916) 223-4460, and i will tell you where the after meet will be.

This will be a good chance to pay for your FC room, if you havn’t yet. It seems that you can bring your own inline skates if you have a pair. I will post more info as i get it.

*male deer = bucks