New Years Eve Party

When: New Years Eve (duh) 6pm
Where: Modesto (Radjin’s house)
What do i need to do: “HERE”:

We are having a huge furry gathering to ring in the new year (like we need an excuse). Radjin is hosting the party out his home, we are all invited to spend the night. There will be several rooms catering to multiple types of fun, a hottub and a large room where we can all crash. We are having a potluck for dinner, so please bring “something”: . There will be a dedicated game room feel free to bring your game console or PC.

the current “List of Guests, Rides, Food, etc.”:

No drugs, you can drink (but no getting drunk)

Maps” “Yahoo”: “Mapquest”:

My phone number in case you get lost: 209-544-6204


1. 99 South

2. In Modesto take Briggsmore Ave. over the freeway to the East.

3. At Oakdale Rd. Turn Right

4. Follow Oakdale Rd. Just after crossing a bridge turn Left on to Edgebrook. (Note 1)

5. Follow Edgebrook. It will come to a turn to the right keep following, you are now on Riverside. Follow Riverside to the second Stop Sign. My house will be on the corner.

White Two Story with Brick and Rod Iron fence around the yard on the corner.

Best to park across the street from the house. Please keep the right side of the driveway clear.