Folsom Lake Bowl Rescheduled

Hey, folks. New date set for Folsom Lake Bowl.

The new date for the Folsom Lake Bowl Meet is November 20th. Please e-mail me at only if you are going to attend.

November 20th was chosen as it’s the last weekend before Thanksgiving, at which time I’m sure the lot of us will be busy with family and the holidays, especially folks in the retail industry.

I have announced this a few weeks in advance so people are able to make adjustments and plans if they desire to do so.

*It is especially important to RSVP this event!!*

Date: November 20th
Time: 8pm-10pm
Place: Folsom Lake Bowl, 511 E. Bidwell St., Folsom, CA (on the same street that Dimple records and the DMV is on.)
Cost: 10-14 dollars per person (includes 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental. House balls are available for free use as well).
RSVP conditions: no money necessary at this time, just e-mail me at *within the next three weeks.*

Additional notes: currently planning on reserving two lanes but will reserve more or less based on RSVP.
For those 21 and up, they do have a bar. What the rules are to where you can consume the alcohol is though I’m not quite sure.