Apples and Cheese: Movies and Apple Hill

As mention on the forum earlier, folks are talking of visiting Apple Hill. As per event host Wynnefox, he suggested a movie night (old corny stuff like Batman, hence ‘cheese’) and the following day involving the trip to Apple Hill.


This is happening this Saturday and Sunday, follow the link bellow for more details.

*Event:* Apples and Cheese
*Days:* October 16th-17th
*Time and Place:* Start around 5-6pm at Wynne’s place for movies on the 16th, and then around 9-10am head down to Apple Hill.
*Cost:* There is no cost to go to Apple Hill. However, if you are going to be at Wynne’s house the preceding night it is appreciated to fund your own or to participate in a group pool for refreshments. It is also advised that you bring extra money along to Apple Hill in case you’d like to purchase merchandise or anything in particular while there.
*Additional info:* “Apple Hill Directions/Maps”:

*To RSVP (greatly appreciated) your attendance at Wynnefox’s home and/or if you have an questions, Wynnefox requests that you e-mail him “here”, please.*

Also, there is a thread regarding the Apple Hill trip if anything like rides or other meet-related things come to mind here: “Sacfurs Apple Hill Thread”: