Healing Meet

After all the drama lately, I would like to attempt to work out all of the problems, on-list. Along these lines I would like _everyone_ — whether involved in, wounded by, or merely watching from the side lines of this conflict — to join for a meet to talk and discuss this all in person. I would also like to invite any one who has decided this group isn’t worth their time to see if we can not fix the problem that you are having.

This group has become as close as family to me, and to lose anyone would be a great tragedy. I have faith in each in every one of you to come forth, speak your mind, and listen to that which others say. I know we can work out these problems and come up with solutions that will please everyone.

The meet will take place at “Ancil Hoffman Park”:, in Carmichael, Sat at 2pm.

Also you may show up even if you want no part of the discussion, the park has many options for fun. It’s right on the river, has many nature trails and a nature center. Everyone should bring a towel and swimsuit.

Once you make it in the park, “here is a map”:/graphics/ancil-trail.jpg.