Folsom Lake BBQ

The camping trip is Friday the 16th through Sunday the 18th, we can show up at the earliest, 2pm on Friday and we have to vacate by 12 noon on Sunday.

Camping with us will cost $30 per person; this includes 4 meals (2 breakfasts and 2 dinners). If you are not taking part in the group meals, camping costs $10. All money should be handed in to Mallin/Davin by Sat July 10th as we need to go shopping beforehand and we paid for the campsites out of pocket.

Car pooling and Tent pooling will be in effect as there is only space for 2 cars per site and only space for so many tents. Please call me (Davin)(916) 223-4460 or e-mail ( me for details on this, I am organizing the rides and tents. If you must have a tent by your self make sure it is small, like pup-tent size.

Food organization is being taking care of by Solaxy Fox our �Logistics Kitsune� He has pancakes planned for breakfast and hamburger and hotdogs one night and hoagies the next. You can contact him regarding food at (solaxy@hotmail)