Old Town Sacramento Meet

This week we are hitting Old Sacramento, but for ease of parking and to start the trip, we will park and meet at the K Street mall (Downtown Plaza). The meeting place will be the Food Court, that way hungry furs can talk and eat while others show up. The meeting time will be 6pm.

“Map to mall”:, (watch out for the one-way roads). Taking Business 80 (Capital City) to 160, (which turns into 12th) to L Street works well.

Then after grouping up — stragglers can call my cell at 223-4460 — we will walk over and browse old Sacramento. One featured stop will be Evangeline’s. They have many fun things in there, and it’s not just costumes.

Afterwards, we are going to go stargazing at the meteor shower. The place is as of yet undecided, but we’ll come up with something when we meet up.