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Meet the Staff : Zoren

Unread post by Zoren » Fri Jun 24, 2016 2:59 pm

Zoren by RedWulf WB.png
Name: Zoren
Also known as: John, Azurin(Fursuit)
Rank: Administrator
Occupation: Mechatronics Technician, Crafter, Fursuit Creator
Site involvement: Event Lead, Community Organizer, Fursuiter.
Responsibilities: Moderation, Administration, Event planning and logistics.
Ask me about: Help creating events, Guidance in getting started, Dispute moderation, and more.
About me: Having been active in the local furry community since 2004, I've met quite a few locals over the years, and I’m always happy to greet more. Easy going most of the time, I try to keep an open mind with everyone and understand their perspective in life. You can think of me as one of those good dragons of mythology always willing to extend a paw of friendship in order to improve someone's day. So let’s meet up, get out there, and have fun.

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Template for staff

Unread post by Zoren » Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:52 am

Temporary template for other staff members to add their info to.

Name: Name
Also known as:
Site involvement:
Ask me about:
About me:

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Re: Meet the Staff

Unread post by silvermosico » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:09 pm

Name: Silver Mosico
Also known as: Shhhh, it's a 'secret'
Rank: Agent #09095
Occupation: Student
Site involvement: Event Co-Organizer, General Tech
Responsibilities: Event coordination, Primary telegram group moderation, and Forum moderation
Ask me about: Guidance in getting started/help creating events, minor tech questions. You can generally ask me anything, though I'm best suited to help with tech related issues, minor automotive issues, and event organization issues
About me: I am a (current) student, who's been in the fandom since around 2005. I have in the past organized meets, staffed at local and semi-local conventions such as SacCon, SacAnime, and Fanime and have limited knowledge and experience in running such events. In and outside of the fandom I enjoy driving my 1970 VW Bus, especially when carpooling is involved to out of town meets, one can always tell when I'm around if they can see the VW parked nearby!
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Re: Meet the Staff

Unread post by seraph » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:58 pm


Name: Seraph
Also known as: Seraph LeSabre
Rank: Moderator
Occupation: IT
Site involvement: Event Co-Organizer, Moderation
Responsibilities: Event coordination, General Community Moderation
Ask me about: How awesome snow leopards are, intro to furries, comedy
About me: I've been around since 2005, though in the last few years I've been more active locally. My focus is on computers, on a more application-level basis. I try to remain as neutral as I can in moderation and try to work specifically with facts. Tend to be aloof, and a bit cocky.
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Re: Meet the Staff

Unread post by Sparky » Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:54 pm

Name: Sparky
Also known as: NeitherSparky, Cyndie, Hey You There Chick
Rank: Moderator
Occupation: Home machine embroidery/crafting business
Site involvement: Just general furry stuff I guess?
Responsibilities: Light forum moderation (such as moving/editing posts), currently running the Twitter account; I also can mod on the Facebook and Telegram
Ask me about: Again general furry stuff, crafting, some suit stuff I suppose. Oh and cooking.
About me: My fursona is a blue cave hyena. Was an online furry from the 90's but didn't start doing furry stuff in person til the end of 2009. In my 40's now. I once ran a very busy online community so have experience with being a site/forum admin, though members of our group rarely met in person so that aspect is newer for me. Have a bachelor's in creative writing from a major university I don't really use. I own a home business.
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Re: Meet the Staff

Unread post by Raxmei » Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:16 pm

Name: Raxmei
Also known as: Henry
Rank: Moderator
Occupation: Sanitation
Site involvement: Moderation, which under normal circumstances is just cleaning up expired topics. I've been making a project of scouting out local restaurants to judge their suitability as meet locations.
Responsibilities: Moderating the forum and telegram, crossposting announcements between the forum and chat
Ask me about: Coming events, group history, restaurants and cooking, fursuiting
About me: I was recruited into Sacfurs in 2004 shortly before we migrated off the Yahoo group. I've been active to varying degrees since then. I want to assure you I'm not nearly as grumpy as I look. Notable interests that I'm willing to talk about include fursuiting, tabletop gaming, and cooking.

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Re: Meet the Staff

Unread post by Maia_Libre » Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:50 pm

(high time I did this)
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Name: Maia
Also known as: N/A
Rank: Mod
Occupation: Teacher / Grad student
Site involvement: Mostly just being a mod. Working on more event involvement.
Responsibilities: Forum/Telegram moderation, social civility: members, organizing Apple Hill / El Dorado County trips.
Ask me about: Life advice, local colleges (which to go to, how to sign up for classes, etc), intersectional issues, self-image/esteem, gender/sexuality questions, food, book / TV / movie stuff. Things. Ask me about things or anything, really.
About me: I've been around since 2005, off and on due to my own life stuff. I'm working toward my PhD in Ethnic Lit with an emphasis in Folklore and the American West; in the meantime I make a meager earning teaching writing to Civil Engineering majors and running the writing center on campus at Sac State. I can come off fairly intense and intimidating (I've been told), but my general rule is to be respectful and mindful, and I'm totally happy. I'm a massively nerdy Social Justice Druid, because trees and nature and stuff.
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