Meet Planning Guideline

A great example below

Sum up your meet idea:

Let’s all go to the Sacramento Zoo!
The Sacramento Zoo is home to over 140 native, exotic and endangered species! They have Red Pandas, North American River Otters, Tigers, and if I keep listing there won’t be any more surprises!

Date: What date did everyone, or you, decide on?
Cost: What is the price for an average adult? You are welcome to include optional pricing if the location offers it on their site(if any).
Location: Provide the address to either; where you wish to meet up, or the location of the venue you’re going to.
Time: What time is the meet going to start?
Hours of Location (if any) or Planned Duration of the meet: What are the business hours of the location that you are going to, or how long do you intend to stay at that location?
Weather Prediction and any relevant suggestions: Describe the general weather forecast for the approximate time/day of the meet and suggest warm or cool weather clothing if you wish.
Directions: Provide a link to the location on Google Maps so others can get directions.

PLAN ((general idea)): Describe what your plan for the group is! If you are meeting up somewhere else first, describe how long you’ll be there before you go to the intended meet location. Offer a method of contact so if someone is late they can still meet up with the group later.

Post what area of town you live in. If someone who is going lives in your area, and is able to assist, they may try to contact you about carpooling. (gas money in this scenario would be appreciated if someone’s giving you a ride)

Please be aware: Other details (cost, dress code, what is/is not allowed, or anything else that is necessary to know) should be provided. It’s good etiquette, plus, public meets that use our name and reputation should follow the Community Guidelines

If your event becomes an official event:
We might edit/add more information so those looking at the post for the first time won’t have to go elsewhere to get necessary info.