Rosie Kittie’s Murder Mystery Masquerade Party (9-24-05)

When: Saturday 8pm

Where: Rosie’s House


-Murder Mystery. One Killer, fear for your lives. This person will be informed of their position before the party.
-Masks are required as part of your costume.
-Doesn’t really matter what your costume is, but you do have to add a mask to it.
-I love to dress up, don’t you?
-Snacks and party games will be provided.
-NO video games are allowed until later in the party, no one can die if you’re all shoved in a dark room to begin with….. *stabs you*
-Costumes can be as crazy as you wanna be, there will be no parental supervison, so no worries about offending the locals.
-If you can bring food please do it will GREATLY help me cut the cost of this party. If you are so willing, then leave me a comment and let me know what you plan to bring.

Anyone who wants help cook or setup may show up at 6:30pm