If you are new to our page you have probably heard about us at while at Further Confusion.

Sacfurs is centered in Sacramento with members from all over Northern California and beyond. We have an active local furry community, and if you’d like to participate, please visit our Forum. For more information about the forum, please see the FAQ.

If you want to find us at FC, I (Mallin) will have a Table (No. 73) in the dealers den that I share with others from the group, and we might have some kind of a party or meet while at the con.

Some Server Problems

Postfix was upgraded recently, and that changed the configuration. We’re in the process of fixing it.

EDIT: I was incorrect; it was some “unknown” server problems that Alynna seems to have resolved. E-mail probably isn’t fully-functional, but it’s being worked on. Please be patient.

Really back up now.

It is now back in the server closet. I am not sure what was wrong, but at the very least, the swap drive mirror was not configured right (prob my fault), and the system drive mirror was degraded (and fixed).

No data loss apparently occured.

In addition, the kernel was upgraded to Linux, and the packages were upgraded to Slackware 10.1 series.

We should be all good to go now.

Back Up

Okay, we’re back to normal. We may have sporadic downtime as we reboot for some kernel recompiles and physical server moves, but everything should be A-OK. I haven’t noticed any data loss. Please let me know if you see anything awry.

Forum Oddness

I suspect something server-side, but phpBB is acting rather funny, resulting in duplicate posts. To avoid corruption, I temporarily turned off the forum. I’m trying to reboot Apache and investigate the logs, but not yet having much luck. I haven’t made any recent changes, so I don’t suspect program problems. I’ll be trying things more this morning and afternoon.

Please see the offline status page for more information.