If you are new to our page you have probably heard about us at while at Further Confusion.

Sacfurs is centered in Sacramento with members from all over Northern California and beyond. We have an active local furry community, and if you’d like to participate, please visit our Forum. For more information about the forum, please see the FAQ.

If you want to find us at FC, I (Mallin) will have a Table (No. 73) in the dealers den that I share with others from the group, and we might have some kind of a party or meet while at the con.

Services Offered

Below is a table of our available free services, along with status and progress indications.


Service Status Priority ETA
Apache/CGI/php/perl ^.^ n/a n/a
DNS ^.^ n/a n/a
MovableType ^.^ n/a n/a
POP3/IMAP e-mail ^.^ n/a n/a
FTP/SSH ^.^ n/a n/a
Webmail ^.^ n/a n/a
SQL ^.^ n/a n/a
Community forums ^.^ n/a n/a
Mailing List >.< Almost
WebMin/UserMin >.- Almost
Web statistics >.< Soon
Bartering system >.< Eventually
New layout >.< Eventually
Global login >.< Soon
Calender >.< Soon



The purpose of the SacFurs website is to help organize and facillitate communication among the furs of Northern California. We accomplish this with our free services and community forum.

SacFurs.com is now accepting applications for user accounts. Furs wanting one should “drop staff a line”:mailto:staff@sacfurs.com with your desired username and password. Usernames should be between 4-12 alphanumeric characters, and of decent complexity. Please see the “Services Offered”:/archives/000044.shtml and “Client Configuration”:/archives/000045.shtml sections for more details.

New Here?

Welcome to Sacfurs.com! The Sacramento Furries are a loosely-knit group of individuals who like to socialize and hang out. If you’re in the area, especially around Citrus Heights, North Highlands, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Folsom, or Roseville, you should come to one of our meets that we list on our front page. We have members scattered all around Northern California, so even if you aren’t local, drop by if you can. We have members in Davis, Rocklin, and even some in the Bay area.

The best way to get involved with our group is to “register with our forum”:/forum/profile.php?mode=register. It’s the social epicenter of our group, where we plan meets, and discuss the various goings on of life in general, and all things furry. We even plan special convention events.

Other coolness with our site is getting a user account. Local furs can get free web and DNS hosting, e-mail (IMAP and POP3), FTP, access to a nifty webmail program, their own journal, or their own CGI. All sorts of nifty internet goodness. Just drop staff a line on the forum, and I can set you up.

We’re in the process of adding new features to our site like an integrated LiveJournal system, forum improvements, and more.